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Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Day 183: First trimester begins

It's hard to believe, but we're 2/3rds of the way there. Today is the first day of the last stage of the pregnancy. (Today is also the first day of the last day of the rest day of the ... uh ... forget it.)

The baby is about 3 pounds (according to Hsui-Li), and is now able to breathe on its own. This little sucker is just about ready to come out. All s/he has to do is grow.

Now I can't imagine how Elisa will be able to accommodate any more growth. She's a Macy's Day Parade-sized balloon, no joke (new pictures coming soon). And the little tyke still has another 4-6 pounds to grow?

Once upon a time, the baby would push and kick. I'd get excited, and wonder at the marvels of life.

But that's soooo last trimester.

Last week we had a visit to our midwife, Hsui-Li. And she decided to check on the baby's position in the womb. So she dug her hands into Elisa's belly, felling for the baby's head and body. That was kind of cool (baby's upside down, head down Elisa's right side). But she didn't stop there. She let me feel the baby's head myself.

So picture an absolutely horrified Elisa as I deftly ackwardly dug my hands into Elisa's belly, under the somewhat distracted supervision of Hsui-Li (she suddenly found Elisa's chart really interesting). But I dug in hard, and eventually I reached something hard. Hsui-Li looked up, "that's the head".

Well, it was either the head, or Elisa's spine. All I know is that Elisa did not appreciate my efforts. Not there at the midwife's office, and not that evening when I tried to dig in again to feel my child's head. Or the following morning. Or last night. Or this afternoon.

by Kos | August 19, 2003 09:55 PM