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Thursday, October 31, 2002
Day 35: new car

Today is actually Day 36, but I was too engrossed with The West Wing last night to update this site. President Bartlett kicked ass in his final debate!

Right now we own a lime green New Beetle. It is a hot looking car, if a little mechanically challenged. Still, it has a unique look that I haven't outgrown in the three years I've had the car. However, it is probably one of the least practical family cars.

Right now, EVERYTHING is about the family, and as such, I have to sacrifice a car with personality for one that is more practical.

(Just like I have to sacrifice my old, obsolete iMac for a brand new shiny iMac, with a 17" flat screen monitor! It's for the family!)

So we've decided to get a 4-door. I've been particularly intrigued by sports wagons -- those sporty looking hatchbacks. Considering all the cycling I now do, it would be real convenient to lug around all my gear when I head out for rides ... er....

I mean it would be perfect for the family. I mean, where will we fit the diaper bags, and the stroller, and the bassinet, and the toys, and the bottles, and the breast pump, and the spare baby in case we lose the first one, and the ... you get the idea.

But Elisa thinks that sports wagons look too much like station wagons, and those are a no-no in her book. They make her feel grown up, like an adult! She doesn't realize that a sports wagon could make her feel like a rugged outdoors woman, instead she thinks she'll look like a soccer mom. Horrifying, I admit.

We are still young, so it's hard to picture ourselves as our parents, or as other "adults". So, she wants a nice 4-door sedan.

And if there's one thing I've noticed the past few weeks, it's this: when voting on "family" matters, my vote counts for 3/4 of the total. Elisa gets a full vote, and then a 1/4 bonus "tie breaker adjustment". So in other words, I've lost this battle.

So we're going to take looks at Audis and Beemers, realize we're too poor for cars like that, and settle for a cheap Honda or Toyota. Of course, said cars won't be ideal for my biking needs, and quite frankly, that can't be good for our baby. But one of us (Elisa!) clearly doesn't have the child's best interests at heart.


Our baby's brain is now splitting up into seperate lobes ("Braniac"?). S/he's sucking up all of Mami's water and nutrients, giving her, er, problems in the waste disposal business.

by Kos | October 31, 2002 08:15 AM