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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Much, much later

Okay, so I was planning on updating this more often, but life conspired against it. Work and the baby left little room for much updating.

But here's the last few months in a flash:

1 month

Man, this sucked. Read my last post. Some fathers make a connection right away. I always felt inadequate for not having boobs. Because truth be told, that's the only thing Aristotle gave a damn about.

2 months

Kind of getting better. Still looked for the boob, but was at least willing to consider I might have other, useful attributes. Still not much in the way of smiles or real interaction. But he overcompensated with the usual infantile bodily excretions. Oh, and that's what collick is all about...

3 months

He smiled at me and my heart melted. Now I fly off in a blinding rage anytime someone fails to acknowledge that he's the Cutest Baby Ever (TM). His head control was quickly improving, meaning we could start standing him up on his legs. But man, there has never been a baby who puked more in his life. We're talking Exorcist-level projectile vomiting. Overcompensation for that "cute" thing.

4 months

He now giggled, but only when we played in ways that makes Elisa really nervous. Of course, seeing her freak out was part of the fun. He started to drool like crazy, signs of teething, or so they say. The drool/puke mix was quite interesting.

5 months

We're slowly introducing solids. Loves banana. Loves sweet potato. Loves carrots. Hates "ground rice and vegetables". Hates peas. Hates anything green. He has learned anticipation -- he cracks up if he sees me approaching him with a "I'm gonna get you!" look on my face. And he's still the Cutest Baby Ever (TM).

by Kos | April 07, 2004 10:12 PM