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Monday, May 19, 2003
Day 91: Bought the car

Having bought our new Subaru WRX online, Elisa and I went to pick it up on Sunday at the dealership.

Tooling around today, we engaged in the following actual conversation:

Me: Ain't she gorgeous? What a beaut!

Elisa: I don't feel so good

Me: Watch me punch the turbo. Check out the turbo gauge.

Elisa: I feel really weak. I need food.

Me: And the instrument panel? Awesome!

Elisa: Can we get some food? Please???

Me: Feel the all-wheel drive and suspension. The car just hugs the road!

Elisa: I worry that I'm not gaining weight.

Me: Oooh... Listen to that engine roar! It's amazing!

Elisa: Don't mind as I puke all over your f--ing car!

Luckily for the car, Elisa didn't puke.

Lucky for her too, I suppose.


The baby can now kick, curl its toes, fan its toes, and do other interesting things. And I mean interesting. Can you "fan" your toes? It sounds like something Spock might be able to do, but if our child can fan his toes, then he may have a career in a circus freak show.

I'm getting excited about this -- it would spare us the trouble of setting up a college fund!

The same goes for his hands and arms. He can make a fist, move its thumbs (take that you monkeys! Opposable thumbs rule!), and bend his wrist. In weeks he should be able to play Chopin's Grande Valse Brillante. Or chop-sticks. It depends on how musically talented he is.

The book tells me:

All the body movements that the baby engages in right now constitute practice. It takes some time for the nervous system and the muscles to make smooth, synchronous movements. So these motions test the hook-ups within the neuromuscular system.
So he's no ice dancer, that's for sure. But after a complete diagnostics test, perhaps the replacement of some of those "hook-ups" with gold-tipped cables, all should be good to go.

by Kos | May 19, 2003 11:16 PM